Zvika Weiss – Fund Manager and IP experts

During his period at IDB (www.idb.co.il) which was the largest Israeli holding company (traded in Tel Aviv stock exchange) he represented IDB as a board member of 7 VC's.

Zvika worked as the CFO of 2 start-up companies: Vigil Technologies and V-secure.

Zvika served as the CFO of Yissum, which is the TTC of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is the biggest Israeli university (over 1000 applicative researchers and over 7500 patents). The role of the TTC is to take academic technologies and to commercialize it to the industry (through a license agreement or establishing a start-up company). He represented the Hebrew University at more than 25 start-up companies established by the Hebrew University as a board member. Under this position he was involved as a board member in almost all of the incubators in Israel!

Zvika is providing his professional skills also to Capital Nature. Capital Nature is an investment company, which has an incubator arm and an arm which invests in academic projects. The company established 13 start-up companies and invested in additional 4 academic technologies